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[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

I arose early this morning and loaded up my transformer-stripped copper, transformer steel,  and the steel hulk of the old UPS and took it all to the scrap yard.

The copper will yield over $100 and the steel was another $20+.  I also picked up a check for last week’s copper delivery.  So. the garage has produced $200 in scrap metal in the last two weeks.

I need to get back out and sweep and arrange a bit, reclaiming the floor space.

The scrap yard was in full operation today.  They have an area for drive-up/drop off, anything that is unusual.  Then they have the big scrap yard.  The yard has a number of big long-armed crane things with either grabbers or magnetic fittings and they are always lifting stuff up and putting it down in other piles.  When I dropped the old hulk of the UPS out of the back of my truck, I turned the truck around and a magnet guy had already picked it up and moved it.  There were piles of engines and parts of motorcycles and just all sorts of stuff.

I also saw people bringing in cars on flatbed trucks and trailers today.  So now I know I can take the engine-less old truck in there when I’m done with it.

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May 7, 2018
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