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State of the Projects

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[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

It’s been awhile since I went through my project list.  So here we go.  Some of these are ham radio projects, most are not.

  1. I want to get the FM radio station stuff out of my home office space.  That means building/buying some sort of small out-building.  I’ve done some preliminary work and I think my current path is toward a stick-built permanent shed, on it’s own power meter, housing the FM radio station and maybe some or all of my ham radio station.  Next step on that is to come up with some construction drawings and get a building permit.
  2. I still need to work on streaming for the FM station.
  3. I have some remote-control stuff to do for the FM station, mostly in the area of signal monitoring.  I’ve been told this is not really a big issue in modern times because the transmitters are so reliable.  But I would still like to accomplish more in that area
  4. I need to so some UPS/power work for the FM station.  Small power glitches take down my computer doing the program playback and it is very hard, maybe impossible to get back to where we left off.
  5. I want to integrate the playback system and the emergency broadcast box so that weather emergencies interrupt but don’t over-play on the current program.
  6. I have the rotator plate for the ham radio club’s tower.  I’m supposed to schedule a time with another guy to get that installed.
  7. I still have the VFO and filter that I built which I need to integrate for a ham radio project.
  8. I have the SS-40 receiver which I finished but I also have the matching transmitter which I have not started.  I need to finish those and get them put into a box for actual use.
  9. I think I need to do some further work on my pickup truck.  I believe either the calipers are sticking or maybe the wheel bearings are bad on the left front.  It periodically makes a nasty groaning noise.  It may be the ball joints for that matter.  I did replace the steering arms tie rods.  It improved the situation but it’s not fixed yet.
  10. I probably need to change the oil and filter on the riding lawn mower.
  11. <projects I’m forgetting go here>
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Apr 12, 2016
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