Chester and Heart Worm Treatments

Heartworm is a bad thing and something I’ve always taken seriously.  All my dogs have been put on heartworm (HW) preventative meds as soon as they’ve come to live at my house.  I don’t mess with this stuff!

Here’s a quick image showing how dogs are infected with these nasty worms and then a link explaining it more thoroughly.

This past August when Chester came to live at our house, the rescue said he’d tested HW negative.  That same week, I trotted him over to our vet and had him started on HW preventative meds.  We went with the monthly chewables.  His meds day is the 3rd of each month and he’s never missed a dose.  Soooo,

Imagine my surprise last Friday when the vet called to say he’d tested positive!!!

Y’all watched me try to process the news on Social Media.  It was heartbreaking!!!  Chester is such a good boy and now facing those terrible treatments…

I just got off the phone with the vet’s office.  We’ve been going round and round since Friday, trying to iron out a payment schedule and lower the costs a little bit.

I’m very happy to say they’ve worked with us pretty well! They’ve eliminated some unnecessary tests and this should be very manageable to the pocketbook.

Now, we just need to make it as comfortable as possible for Chester!!!

HW are a nasty piece of business and I’m determined to wipe these mean ol’ things out of my puppy.

We begin oral meds next month.  His first set of injections will be in April.   May, he’ll have the last two injections two days in a row.  Poor baby!!!  It’ll be worth it to get rid of those things!

Taking steps to get Chester healthy again!!!


3 thoughts on “Chester and Heart Worm Treatments

  1. Leigh Tanner

    Love Chester. Thankful something reasonable was worked out. Praying for my little buddy. ❤️

  2. Karen Greenawalt

    Praying that those injections are not too hard on him? Give him lots of love and I am sue he will do well. He is young and strong.

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