Why Ask Me!?! Were They Desperate to Fill a Speakers Spot? Kiwanis Club Speaking Report

Brad called me, probably about a month ago and asked me to be the speaker at the Kiwanis Club Luncheon today.  Why in heaven’s name he asked me, I’ll never understand.  The only thing I can figure is he got stuck with providing the speaker for today and couldn’t think of anybody else?  I agreed to speak and today was the day.  This is a report of today’s “speech.”

First, backtrack how I know Brad:

He works at our County Utility Coop.  One day I was doing, I think it was a 28 mile training run and part of my route took me past his office, the County Coop Headquarters.  It had been a particularly difficult run in regards to traffic.  There is a lot of fleet truck traffic along this road and to be frank, the drivers were being rude.

I noticed after a while that if I saw a white pickup truck, I didn’t have to worry about diving for the ditch because all those drivers were very polite.  They’d slow, move into a further away lane if at all possible and wave as they drove by.  After this had happened a half a dozen times, I noticed without fail the drivers worked for the County Coop.

Seeing as I was running past the headquarters, I decided I’d pop in and thank whoever was in charge of the fleet drivers for their polite drivers!  I mean, it’s always nice to hear something good about your employees, right?

Brad was the guy I ended up talking to.  He’s a super nice guy, too, and we had a nice chat and I thought that was that.

Over the past few years, we’ve had opportunity to speak a few other times and I guess he decided to ask me to be today’s speaker.

He wanted me to talk about my journey from being obese to becoming an ultra runner.

Now, I don’t find my journey all that amazing?  Let’s think about it.  I let myself get very large.  I’m 4’11” and was tipping the scale at 275lbs.  That’s pretty rolly polly.

Losing the weight took an eternity.  I joined My Fitness Pal and started logging my food.  I didn’t diet!  MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I went to the bookstore and bought a few cookbooks for Diabetics and I started cooking the recipes from them and simply increased my activity level!  Nothing fancy.  No weird diets or shakes, pills, powders…I still had my treats~a Nutty Bar and a beer, because I don’t believe in cutting out foods, labeling them “Illegal” or “bad.” No, I simply made smarter food choices and moved more.

Three and a half years later, I had dropped 170lbs and it has stayed off.  Maybe it’s because it took so long to lose the weight I haven’t had problems with regaining?  Dunno.  I do know that I’m a very blessed and fortunate woman!

That’s what I was supposed to share with the group today.  I shared about my amazing running buddy, Aiden.

I shared about how wonderful and supportive MFH is.  I’m just a very lucky girl!

AND, I was supposed to take up 20 minutes with this!!!  It took you what, 5 minutes tops to read this far!?!


Somehow, the time passed and I was supposed to open it up for a Q/A.  I figured nobody would have any questions and they’d be relieved I’d shut up!  Quite frankly, I was afraid of putting people to sleep.

Instead, during different parts of the, about 15 minutes I talked, they’d start applauding!  Now, this wasn’t anything that I’d expected!  I was soooo embarrassed!  I would quickly move on and cross my fingers they’d stop.

Okay, they weren’t QUITE that enthusiastic.  LOL!!!

My 15 minutes I allowed myself were over and I was going to park my rumpatootis when people started asking question.  I’m guessing the Q/A lasted close to 20 minutes!

It wasn’t anything that I had expected and quite frankly, I was out of my depth.

Of course I got asked about my knees.  Wasn’t I having problems with my knees? My knees are just fine, thank you.

And I got the, 100k that’s 62 miles!  I don’t even like to drive that far!

Those two things really tickled me.

They seemed genuinely interested, not the, “We’re just being polite” interested, AND I got a free lunch!

Oh!  I totally forget to lead with a joke!  #MissedOpportunity




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  1. Sue

    I’m glad you dipped your toe in. Sounds like you had fun and inspired others at the same time.
    Better have your calendar at the ready. 🙂

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