Mississippi Blues Weekend

This past weekend was the Mississippi Blues Marathon.  “The Blues” as it is affectionately called is the premiere marathon in Mississippi.  It just doesn’t get any better than this race.  Mississippi hospitality sparkles at this event and I’ve always been proud to be a participant at The Blues in one capacity or another.

I’ve run the Blues 3 times.  The first time I ran it was in 2013.  It was my second half marathon.  MFH (My Favorite Husband) ran it together.  It was also the first time I lost a toenail.  That poor toenail gave way at mile 12 but stayed attached at the base and flapped up and down with every step of my last 1.10 miles.  Wait~should I have put a disclaimer on that last part before you read it?

Toenail loss or not, this race is a tough one.  The toughness is what makes it so incredibly awesome!  You know you’ve accomplished something BIG when you cross that finish line!!!

The past two years I have been a volunteer at the Blues.  It’s so much fun to give back to the running community!  Last year I volunteered at the expo at packet pickup and as a course marshal.  This year I was only able to be there as a course marshal.  It was a blast!!!

Nothing beats seeing your friends come through your spot on the course and being able to cheer for them and maybe run a few feet with them as they smash their running goals!  Best. Thing. Ever.

Some people are demolishing some HUGE hurdles!  I’m so proud of you, Brandy!!!

Sometimes you make sure to grab a pic with a friend because you’ve kicked yourself an entire year for missing the opportunity for a selfie with them the year before.  Great running, Tim!!!

MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I flew to the expo after stopping off a the fairgrounds in Jackson, Mississippi to set up his table at the Ham Fest.  He would be at the Ham Fest all day Saturday while I was at the race.

Immediately after setting up his table, we flew to the Expo so I could grab my volunteer stuff for the next morning.

After the Expo, we zoomed to the hotel and checked in.  We literally tossed our suitcases in the room, ran back to the car and hurried to Lost Pizza for the annual, pre Blues carb load dinner.  Even though we were spinning in circles all day, it was soooo worth it to see all the amazing #MScoffeerunners who would be crushing the Blues course in the morning.  What amazing people they are!!!

We even managed to get a little Charlie’s Angels activity tossed in!  I think we make some pretty doggone awesome Charlie’s Angels, don’t you?

My course marshal assignment was done at 1:00pm.  I had arrived at my corner at 6:30am.  

The “sag wagon” had come down the street and I was free to go. It had been a great day so far but there was more to come!

I waited for MFH to pack up his things at the Ham Fest.  He had a great day there as well!  YAY for MFH!!!  He picked me up and we were off to meet a long time online friend for the first time IRL and his lovely lady, Charlotte.

Charlotte is a pig.  Not a pig as in a person who eats tons (I mean, I do that during high mileage training!) but as in a PIG!  I’d been following Charlotte’s antics online for quite a while and was dying to meet her.

I told Stephen, her owner, that I’d never met a pig before!  I didn’t know if there was any “protocol” or anything for meeting her?  I just didn’t know!  I also didn’t want to meet this lovely lady empty handed.  That’s a huge no~no in my book.  He told me she likes pretty much anything except onions and lettuce.

Finally, I settled on apples.  I mean, apples are good, right?  I brought Charlotte a yellow apple and a red apple because I didn’t know which one she would like better.  She liked them both!

I just want you to know that I am head over heels in love this her!  What a great pig!!!

She got tummy rubs and I got snuggles.

She gave pig kisses!!!  I mean, PIG kisses!!!  How awesome is that!?!

The time came to head home.  Tess and Castro were waiting as was their babysitter.  Reluctantly we headed for the van and pointed to car towards the Golden Triangle area of Mississippi.

When we got home, Castro couldn’t care less but that was to be expected.  He was like, “Oh.  Were you gone?”  Mr Observant!

Tess was soooo excited we were home!  She brought me every stuffie she owned.  I loved on her like crazy thinking she wouldn’t  notice Charlotte on me?

All was well until she notices Pig nose prints on my jeans.



Puppy treats took the sting out of my betrayal and everything is spiffy at our house again.

Next race is Pistol 100k on March 16-17 in Alcoa, TN.  Time to get some miles under my belt before race day!!!

Thanks for tagging along on my adventures!