What, Me Worry? Barkley Fall Classic Pre~Race Panic

It’s been almost an entire year since I registered for the Barkley Fall Classic.  I had been on the “wait~list” for the 2017 race but didn’t get in.  What I DID get was an advance notice of registration opening.  I set my alarm clock and sat at my laptop in the dead of the night, fingers crossed that I might get one of the coveted spots for the 2018 race.

I had told MFH (My Favorite Husband) my plans for registration.  We had agreed that if after the registration window had closed (a totally different conversation altogether) I would no longer pursue a spot in the 2018 event.

UltraSignUp froze up immediately when registration opened.  It was impossible to get into the site.  I think every person on the planet was vying for a slot at this race!

Finally, after close to 45 minutes of refreshing the site and panicking, the site opened up for me!  I saw there were only 22 slots left!!!  Holy Cow~I wasn’t going to make it!

By hook or by crook, I was able to snag on of those last 22 slots and here we are after a year’s worth of eating, sleeping and breathing this race, we’re down to 3 days until race day!

I’d promise I’m not panicking but that would be a Big. Fat. Lie.

I’ve been mentally packing the past week for this race.  What to take.  What to leave behind.

Drop bags!  How many are we allowed?  How far are they apart?  Just how terrible IS Rat Jaw and Testicle Spectical? Probably as awful as they say.  Hornets?  Maybe I should slip some Benadryl in my hydration vest.  I’m not allergic but I do swell like crazy.  I heard people ripped their shorts open on briers last year.  Nobody wants to stare at my saggy rumpatootis for a 50k~better put an extra pair of shorts in my hydration vest, too.  Just how much stuff can I cram in my hydration vest!?!  I think we’re about to find out.  No GPS.  Note to self~ take off Garmin before race.  Take the phone or no?  I’m inclined towards no even though it’ll kill me to pass up great photo opportunities.  Stopping for photos sucks time and time will not be a luxury for this kid. Sure hope I don’t step on a rattlesnake!  This IS single track trails~not a lot of wiggle room around the snakes like here at home.  Looking forward to the Conga Lines~how crazy is that!?!  They can’t DNF me out of the middle of a Conga Line…or can they?  What if Hurricane Florence arrives?  I guess I’ll get wet.  HA!!!

No, I’m not stressing at all!

Things I’m NOT stressing about:

My fuel: I have complete confidence in my Tailwind Nutrition.  It’s never failed me.

My SPIbelt: That’s going to come in mighty handy for carrying incidentals.

My ChafeX: I’m not expecting any problems with chafing or blisters.  ChafeX and I have run MANY races together and it’s never let me down.

My XOSKIN: Holy Cow I’m exited to run in their new #xotoes!  Those toe socks are amazing!!!  Looking forward to putting them and their leg sleeves through their paces.

My AltraRunning: I just purchased their new LonePeak 4.0’s and I’m already head over heels in love with this new version of the LP! Even though this particular pair of shoes only has about 10 miles on them, I’m confident enough in them to tackle the “hills” at BFC.

My OOFOS: They talk around Christmas time about visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads?  I’ll be picturing my OOFOS as a post race treat for my tired tootsies!

My Lacelockers: No worries about having to stop and retie my shoes in the mountains of Tennessee.

Now, MFH?

He’s stressing about all the things I haven’t thought about.  He teases that he’s been researching insurance policies on, “Wives who got lost in the mountains of Tennessee while running a race.”  You know, if you really think about that~I mean, REALLY think about that~it might now be such a bad idea?

So, three more days until I get to tackle these lovely obstacles.


Holy Cow~I can’t wait!!!