XOSKIN #showusyourskin


You may have seen me mention a time or two about the new running clothes I’ve been wearing.  I thought I’d fill you in on them and just how amazing they truly are!

The gear I’ve been wearing is called XOSKIN and the fabric is pretty fancy stuff!  It’s a 3D woven fabric that utilizes PTFE (Teflon is a well known trade name for PTFE) and Copper fibers in all of its seamless clothing.  XOSKIN calls this, “RAPIDriCOPPER technology.”

What this means for the athlete is that it helps you maintain a good balance of moisture on your skin.  #YOURSECONDSKIN™

It really does work!!!  I’ve been amazed at how well it helps with the aggressive heat/humidity here in Mississippi.  *Having some fun on a training run in August wearing XOSKIN.*



The other thing I really appreciate about it is that every bit of it is manufactured here in the USA.  All the research.  All the testing.  The weaving, cutting, sewing…the whole thing is made in the USA.

XOSKIN has a new Facebook page called #ShowUsYourSkin and it’s all things XOSKIN.  You should take a peek!

I’m also going to include the link to their site if you’re interested in looking at the different things available.  You’d be in for a huge treat if you decide to give it a try!!!

Here’s a 20% discount code to sweeten the deal:  XOSKINMel


Happy Shopping and as always, Happy Running!!!