Mind Blown

The Berlin Marathon is one week from tomorrow.  Berlin is 7 hours ahead of where I live so I *might* be done running by the time MFH (My Favorite Husband) gets out of bed for the day.  Who knows?  Maybe he’ll set his alarm and follow my progress on the “stalkers link.”  Then again, he’ll probably just find out how it went when he wakes up.  🙂

Because I get super excited about all of my races, I’m flying right about now.  I’m still amazed at how fortunate I am to be able to run this incredible race two years in a row!  So, these are a few of the things I’ve thought about the past two days.

First things first:  I wonder what this year’s race shirt is going to look like?  I LOVE last year’s shirt and I’ve practicably lived in it since the trip home from the race.



Yesterday’s mail brought the nicest surprise!  There is a company called Momentum Jewelry.  They will make special order things and I have ordered a few things from them in the past.  Low and behold, a padded envelope came for me and this is what was in it:



These are some sayings from the #oisellevolee of which I am fortunate enough to be a member!  I will wear them with pride in Berlin!!!

Then, I was looking through some of the online pics from last year’s race.  I found this amazing pic:



You say, “So, it’s a pic of a bunch of runners.”

Yes, it is!!!  Last year there were 45,000 runners at the Berlin Marathon!  I am somewhere in this pic!!!  THAT’S the mind blown part of this pic.  In that sea of humanity, I am in there!  Can you see me?  I’m waving at you.   😉

Can’t wait to be a part of this fabulous race again!  I really am blessed.

Happy Running, all!!!




#teamZensah  *I am going to be wearing these compression sleeves at the Berlin Marathon*






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