Oops #856

[Yesterday: 4 miles mix walking and running]

I took it easy on Saturday’s run because I thought I would be working on a car engine install with the neighbor. But he got jammed up with some other projects and that didn’t happen. I did take a nice nap.

Later in the day I drove down to see #1 son and we went out to the wildlife management unit and snuck around in the woods, the somewhat swampy woods, looking for squirrels.

It definitely was not the wide open forest of Cousin Ida’s place when I was a kid. There the trees were spaced out a bit, or in small bunches. This place yesterday was more like rainforest. There were tall trees, but mostly there were saplings. And the canopy was multi-layered.

We could hear some squirrels at times. We saw one jump into a tree and he stopped and looked at us. Son took a shot at him but he just scampered up the tree and we never saw him again.

But it was a nice day to be in the woods.

Today I did my Sunday Morning phone call with the elders and they are holding up well. Then we went to church, where the new young pastor is doing a good job. Then out to eat, where the waitress mistook Mrs’s order but in a funny way. She ordered “vodka neat” and a “wooder” (which is how she says water, I don’t know why, but it is endearing). And they brought the vodka and a bourbon called Woodford. And that made me chuckle because Mrs is not a very large person and I could just imagine what the waitress thought when she brought her the two stiff drinks.

We laughed about that quite awhile. Even the restaurant enjoyed it because they charge 12 bucks for that 2nd drink. (But it was worth it to me, so everyone was happy. We told the waitress to leave it on the bill because it wasn’t her fault… and Mrs had a sip to see if she liked it.)

After that we jollied our way through the Wal-Mart shopping, as you can imagine. I didn’t have any. I’m the designated driver.

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too bad we live in town, or you guys could come down and thin out our population of those fuzzy-tailed rats any time.

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