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Taxes are done

[Today’s run: 3.2 miles]

We shifted our tax accounting from the place in Iowa to a new place here in Columbus. I called a few weeks ago and they had a slot at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon. Also I was instructed to get my papers together and bring them in before the appointed day.

So I did get that done, amazingly enough. And the guy called us yesterday at 4 pm and walked us through while he was doing the taxes.

It worked out very well. Or at least it was relatively painless and we are getting a refund. So I call that good.

I had not changed our address with one of our income sources until tax time last year, so we had a little bit of withholding last year in Iowa and needed that situation managed. Now I think we have all of the Iowa stuff sorted out.

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FWIW, I do ours using pdf forms that I download from state and federal sites. (Free.) I used a cheap software package the year prior and am patterning after that. The GOP 2017 tax bill increased the standard deduction so much that it makes no sense to itemize and that simplifies things. On the margins that tax law hurt non-profits, including churches, which is interesting as the GOP of late blatantly portrays itself as the Christian party (Trump now selling bibles, not just waving them around while standing in front of cameras across the street from the white house).

I read that the IRS is far more efficient with customer service after receiving a boost in funding under the current administration for both manpower and IT. Also more audits – which can only be a good thing. (Personally, I consider paying taxes the cost of freedom and think paying them is patriotic.)

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