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Who’s got the button?

[Today’s run: 2.4 miles outdoors then .6 on the treadmill for a total of 3 miles.]

I had to pause a bit to find the elevator button.

It’s the silver bump thing at the bottom of the stack.

We are travelling. If you are reading this because you diligently surf people’s blogs looking for signs that someone has left home, yes, it is true. But we also hired two pretty-much-total-strangers to live in our house and feed the dog and cat. So the house isn’t empty; any really valuable stuff is probably gone; and there are still people and animals to annoy you.

We are travelling in a big circle. We hope by the end of Friday to be in Loveland, Colorado for a quick two day visit with our grandson and his family. Then on Monday we plan to drive to Des Moines, Iowa and stay there Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday to travel home. I have my work computer, so in theory that schedule could stretch or shrink depending on need, finances, and the willingness of the pet sitters.

We last saw The Grandson (bless his little heart!) in August for about a week. That was fun! I wish we could live next door. But we can’t and this is our Grandson fix for a little while so it will be a lot of fun.

I look back, and this is pretty much what my parents had to do when my children were born (because I moved around due to work and things). So no complaining from me. And who’s to say that a certain bit of arm’s length from my desire to spoil the little guy isn’t appropriate for his well being?

In a lot of these people-connection situations my aspirations outrun my actual historical performance. I want life to turn out well for my relatives and friends, but I don’t really deliver much to make that happen, or so it seems to me. Mostly I do what I want to do and, though I sometimes respond when asked, I don’t usually go looking for ways to be helpful. I guess that’s the way most people operate.

We have pictures on the wall and phone calls and other means of reminder and connection and I really appreciate that.

In that light, I want to mention that my father-in-law is really taking a bit of a leap in that area. He has three siblings, two sisters and a brother. His oldest sister recently passed away. His other sister has a son who looks out for her (and a couple of other sons in reserve). But the brother is pretty much alone, and he recently fell and is recuperating.

My father-in-law has decided that he should help his brother move from Des Moines to Mississippi so they can be closer together and so that he can help oversee his care a bit. My father-in-law is retired, has a wife a cat and a nice house and a car.. and some health problems and issues like normal folks. All of these people are in their 80’s.

Anyway, it is shaping up that maybe Uncle D will be released from care about the time we are in Des Moines and may ride with us from there to Mississippi to take up temporary residence in the guest room at the in-law house until such time as a more permanent living situation can be arranged for.

That’s a big step-up for FiL and his wife and Uncle D, one with quite a bit of uncertainty and open-endedness. And to be honest I am really impressed with this development, that these people are open to disrupting their lives to such an extent to help each other.

I hope that our part works out well (Our CRV is not a moving van… nor an ambulance.) And I hope the various needs and the give-and-take of living will fit together to let it happen.

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Okay that’s funny. No Braille at the buttons? That part of the building code for ADA must have changed over time…

I do not go to office buildings expect for work and those are designed so you punch in the floor number while in the lobby and then the letter designation for the elevator shows up and you take that elevator to your floor, usually directly. Same thing for when you go down. So you don’t have buttons inside the elevator for the floor destination. Then a few times a year I go to my dentist, who is in a really cool building from almost 100 years ago and I have to _think_ how to operate it.

FWIW, some pics of the bldg – it’s what the Mayans might have had if they made it that far. The lobby ceiling is a mind blower. They opted to re-do their elevators during COVID and now the inside of them now is really bland. Sad.

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