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We be boxin’

[Monday 12/13: 2 treadmill miles; Thursday: 3 miles on S. Grandview; Saturday: 5 miles to the Casey’s store]

Our house is full of boxes. Boxes everywhere.

No more walking leisurely through the rooms, especially not at night with the lights off. The walkways are box ways.

We got ourselves a dumpster. It is parked on a trailer out on the street. Yesterday I went a long way toward filling it up. I had a lot of scrap wood from the porch demolition and rebuild. I had some yard waste. And we had things to throw away.

Also I put some still useful stuff out by the street and all of that has disappeared. I haven’t actually spotted any of my benefactors but I am grateful.

We listed some furniture for free on Facebook Marketplace and all of that has been re-homed.

My replacement person at work starts tomorrow. I’ll have three days this week to work with him and try to get him started. I think it will go great. I’ve told the boss that I am not against flying back for a week later in January if they think that would be useful.

I don’t yet have a specific new position but I’m told it is all under control.

Ok, so the movers come on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then the house will be empty. The Dog and Cat are going to the pet motel. And we people will be driving to Chicago on Wednesday evening to fly to Colorado on Thursday. We do about a week then come back, get the critters, load the MGB on a u-haul trailer, then start the convoy to Mississippi.

Our hope is that the renter actually gets his gang moved out like he is supposed to. We’ve warned the movers that our stuff may be in their truck for a while if we have to get the landing spot cleared. We might be doing the hotel thing for a week… or two. I may end up being one of those homeless people making payments on two houses.

We met with the real estate lady this week and with the cleaning/repair man who now has a list of things to do after we are out. His people will caulk and paint the back porch and put in some kind of interior wall finish.

She is aiming for a listing price that should make all of this happen without long term financial servitude.

Along with boxing I’ve been doing some quick repairs and touch ups. Got the garage cleaned out and mostly boxed. Raked up the leaves that had accumulated in the driveway. Trimmed a rose that hadn’t been touched since we moved in. Replaced a window in the attic that had blown in during recent wind storms.

I’m tired.

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