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Catching up a little

[Tuesday: 7/27: 3 miles; Thursday 7/29: 3 miles; Wednesday 8/4: 3 miles; Friday 8/6: 3 miles]

My running has been spotty and my blog posting has been even worse.

To catch up a bit…

Last weekend (July 31…) I drove down to Mississippi. I started out Friday evening and made it to Lincoln, IL. Then I finished the trip on Saturday arriving in the afternoon in Starkville. I had the pleasure to stay at the in-law’s house.

I was there to work on the radio station. There had been some serious problems with the streaming system. I had determined it had something to do with the AC cycle or the building interior temperature. I figured out pretty quickly that the FM receiver we were using to get the signal off of the air was drifting enough in the AC temperature cycle that it went out of tune and lost the signal. I had another FM receiver and I swapped it. That seemed to solve the problem.

But then there was another problem: the door was swollen from recent rains and would not shut.

Sunday I went back in the afternoon along with father-in-law and we trimmed up the door and got that sorted out.

Monday I went back and did some server work. I had acquired a Dell server class machine with an internal RAID disk array and a bunch more memory and CPU. I got that machine on the network. I have more work to do with that machine before I can start using it for the station playback.

I drove back Monday evening and Tuesday and I was back at work on Wednesday.

Today I went to Central City, IA for a hamfest at the Linn County Fairgrounds. I took some stuff to get rid of and had a pretty successful day. Unfortunately I saw something to buy also. It was pretty much a swap money-wise and I am ahead on space savings and relative modernization. But I’m feeling a bit guilty for doing it anyway.

The item I picked up is a TenTec Delta 580 transceiver. I haven’t really been on the air much recently so I think it may have been a waste of money. But it was cheap and I’m pretty sure I can turn it around if I don’t use it.

Next weekend I’m supposed to go to the Iowa State Fair.

But we have news also: #1 son has been staying with us for a few months. He has been working as a postal carrier near here. Late last week he got an unsolicited call from a newspaper in Mississippi with opportunity to get back into the reporter business and he’s decided to take the job.

So we may be involved with getting his household moved back to Mississippi sometime in the next few weeks.