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Running injury

[Today: 2.x miles]

I’ve been having a problem with my running for about three weeks.

I got some new shoes in the mail and went out to run on a Saturday. The first couple of miles went terrific. Then there was a pain in my left calf. And I’ve been having trouble with that since then. When I cut way back I can do OK. And it helps to go back to my old shoes. But even then I can feel it.

So I think I’m going to have to just quit for a week or so and see if this heals.

Kind of a bummer.

It doesn’t feel like it has a knot in it. Doesn’t feel like a bone or joint problem. It’s right in the calf muscle and it hurts the worst when I go down stairs or down an incline. Going up is not so bad. And after I aggravate it, then it is sore to the touch for a day or so.

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Welcome to senior-itis? My right elbow started hurting a couple months ago. I thought it was tennis elbow as, well, I play tennis. Then the left elbow similar pain. Uh oh.

Regardless, see a doctor as it could be something worth knowing about.

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