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A/C thoughts

[today’s run: 4.1 miles]

It has been kind of hot here the last few days. We have fans on and the house stays moderately cool. Fortunately we have lots of windows and usually have a breeze. With the windows open we do get more street noise.

When we lived in Mississippi the house had small windows that were mostly ornamental. We relied on the heat-pump system year around.

I think it would be possible to put in a couple of those split-system A/C units and really make this place comfortable. Maybe that will be a future upgrade.

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A neighbor has one of those R2-D2 portables that works for one room or two. Installation is easy and you can change your mind – just need a window. They are happy with it. Interim step while researching the split system option? (This is in a mild climate where it gets above 85 maybe 10X/year.)

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