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Crunch time

[2-3 miles with some sprints and hills]

At the end of this week we have our fall “tech days” where we show off some of the technology ideas the team has been working on.

I have been enjoying my new job. I learn new things every day. It has definitely been different from what I was doing, not least by being a team effort.

My wife gets a bit disgusted with me. She asks if I saw this or that on Facebook or whatever. I honestly don’t have the time. I’m deep into whatever the topic is for the day, whether it is doing some C++ coding or trying to figure out how to speed up the latency of a video display.

I’m told we are looking pretty good for our presentations, as good as, or better than previous years. So I’ve come aboard at the right time.

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I’m so glad you’re enjoying the job! That’s a huge blessing when your career is kind of winding down.

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