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Posted by w0ep on October 6, 2019 at 8:03 am

[yesterday: 7 miles on the Galena River trail south of Galena, IL]

I haven’t been doing any electronics or ham radio stuff since we moved. Not much to speak of anyway. So it was nice to have a little success in that area yesterday.

Last week the dog decided that our TV remote control looked very much like one of his chew toys. I came home from work to a presentation of a pile of remote control parts.

Fortunately he didn’t actually swallow anything. It was all there but in various forms of disassembly and abuse.

I got it all pieced together, but it didn’t work.

Yesterday I got back at it. I used my ohm meter to determine that the ground trace on the circuit board was not showing continuity between the left part of the board and the right part. Looking closely I could see that the board had been flexed and cracked, and some of the traces were interrupted.

So I dug around in my boxes and found my solder and soldering iron. I scraped off the solder-mask near the board crack and soldered over those traces. (That won’t be a good long-term fix, if the board flexes again the solder will just crack.) I snapped it all back together, and it worked!

Now we can control our TV again. Happy ending.

I put a couple of zip-ties on it to keep the mangled case together. Maybe some black tape would be better.

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