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Eh, Sonny?

[Monday: 3 miles; today’s run: 3 miles]

It’s probably been 15 years ago that I had a hearing test at work. I new my hearing was not very good. They confirmed it.

Then I had an appointment with an audiologist in Estes Park and had that confirmed. She told me I was right on the edge of needing some aid. (We moved from Estes in 2007, so that was awhile ago!)

This year at the State Fair I stopped at a booth and talked to some hearing aid people. That led to a hearing exam in their office here in Dubuque. And now for about a week I have had hearing aids. I’m trying to wear them regularly. I think they do help; I definitely can hear higher frequencies much better.

But also I feel like my non-aided hearing is getting worse. Maybe I just notice it more.

It’s kind of like glasses. If I do some reading without my glasses I feel like it stretches my ability to focus. When I wear them my eyes get lazy or something. So now when I don’t have my ears on I am less attentive and I miss even more than I did before.

But when I do have them on, I say “what?” a lot less often.

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I vaguely remember in high school a teacher who had a hearing aid turned way up to catch “private” student conversations. Am I making that up? I can’t recall who, specifically – just the idea of it.

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