Ham Radio Iowa other thoughts

Fair, radio, dog

[Wednesday: 3+ miles; Saturday: 5 miles]

My work started to pick up a bit last week. Toward the end of the week one of my bosses was going over the team’s schedules and saw my remaining training sessions and said, “dump those!” So now I am doing programming 100% and making some progress. It’s been fun so far.

We had a nice social dinner last week at the home of an older couple from the church we have visited. He is a ham radio operator too. So he showed me around his antenna farm and ham shack. We also talked about the local ham radio club meeting coming up on Monday (2nd monday of each month). And I went to that last night. He didn’t make it, but there were lots of other people. It was a presentation about the Wecomm repeater network in Wisconsin.

Last Friday evening after work we drove down to Des Moines, then did our run Saturday morning on the bike trail before spending the rest of the day at the Iowa State Fair. It was hot. There were thousands of people. I had a good time, but I think I like non-weekend days better.

On Sunday we drove home and stopped for lunch in Cedar Rapids with the Powells. That was very nice.

Today, Tuesday, my wife went to the dog pound and found a new dog there. So far we are getting along fine.