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Proof by Induction

[12/27: 3.24 miles; 12/31: 7+ miles (steamwhistle 12k); today’s run 3 treadmill miles]

I worked last week while most of my co-workers had the week off… or to be more accurate it is a regularly schedule plant closing and most people take it off even if they don’t work at the plant… Anyway, I worked through and got my 40 hours in. We will be going on a trip here shortly and I needed to have a few hours of vacation still in play.

Friday we drove down to Hattiesburg and on Saturday we ran in the 12K race on the Longleaf trace.

I like the Hattiesburg area. It kind of reminds me of Atlanta. The trees are tall and the the forest seems to be not so swampy. The longleaf pine area is very pleasant. Hattiesburg is a college town and has the sense of growth and liveliness.

I have a book that I’ve owned for over 30 years. Over that time I’ve tried to read it probably 3 times and I get about through the first chapter before becoming hopelessly bogged down. Recently I actually worked some of the math in chapter one and I feel like I understand it a little bit. I wouldn’t claim any kind of mastery but I feel like I at least can get a glimpse of what it is about.

The problem I worked through was a proof by induction. And I remember doing some of that in college. But the guy in the book handed me the induction equation so I don’t feel like I really figured it out myself.