home repair Iowa

On the porch

[Monday: 3.6 miles; Wednesday: 3 miles; Saturday 4 miles]

Yesterday I was able to work pretty much all day on the back porch project. I got the rotten posts and walls all cleared out. I used a plumb bob to plot out the position of the overhead elements on the slab. And I built a wall with integrated posts which is ready to be set into place. My neighbor is going to help me do that this evening.

Work has been busy. We are coming up to our fall show-and-tell event and the main project I am working on still has some problems. I think we will be able to get things sorted out in time. But it will take some serious concentration this week!

Our weather has started to turn cooler. The fall equinox is upon us and the evenings are definitely shorter. Trees are turning color.

Larry was just here and we got my wall put up in place. He also had a hammer drill and some anchor bolts in his stockpile and we got the sill anchored into the porch slab. The porch roof is hovering a bit on one side of my wall, the roof is a bit high or the wall is a bit short. My top plate is level so I’m saying it’s the porch roof that is out of universal alignment. But it is an old house so some of that is to be expected.

I need to finish roughing in the window hole, then do the two side walls and sheathing, siding, interior, etc. I have a lot to do before snow flies!