Working from home

[Today’s run: 3 miles]

I had my two year anniversary at the job here in Dubuque in late July. When I started in July 2019 we worked toward the fall show-and-tell event. Then, before the spring 2020 event the pandemic started so we did it “virtual”, making our presentations in an online meeting. By then they had sent us all to work from home.

Fall 2020 we did some in-person and some virtual. Spring 2021 was the same. And now we are coming up to Fall 2021.

So I got to work in the office from July to about March and since then it has been working from home.

I’m not complaining.

But I had been working from home for 10 years before I started this job, and having an office and fixed hours was actually kind of a break.

They are telling us now they don’t know when we might revert to in-office work. We can go in if we need to. But they want us to generally work from home.

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday and today sitting in the cab of a large end-loader testing out some software that we want to demonstrate in a couple of weeks. It was looking pretty bad at the end of last week. It looks better now.

Going to the machine demonstration area doesn’t count as going in to the office, but it is something different from working at home. Working on a laptop while sitting in a loader, excavator, or skid-loader is interesting. The seats are comfortable, but I miss my big monitors.