Ham Radio


[Today’s run: 3 miles]

We are in a bit of a rainy spell so far this week.

I bought a used ham radio at the hamfest a few weeks ago. It is a TenTec Delta 580. I’ve owned a variety of TenTec radios and have enjoyed them all. There was a man there with a TenTec Century 21, which is one of my favorites. I’ve had two or three of them. My main radio in the last few years has been a TenTec Argonaut, which was another hamfest purchase. I spent some time cleaning it up and getting it working well. I still have it. For awhile I had a TenTec Omni which was also very good.

I have not been using my radios much in the last few months, so I feel kind of guilty for buying the Delta. There is consolation in knowing that it makes a smaller pile than the stuff I sold at the hamfest. So at least I reduced my footprint, so to speak.