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Working on the weather station

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[Yesterday: 11 mile run;  Today: 40 minutes of rowing]

I finally got up some gumption and started looking at my weather station.  I took the little BeagleBone computer out of the enclosure and brought it into the house and connected it to my computer directly.

I could see it was booting up OK.  But the USB WiFi device was not being recognized.  I couldn’t tell why.  The internal USB hubs were showing up as working.  I sprayed some contact de-ox-it on the connector of the WiFi device and things started working.  By the end of the day I had it running fine from boot-up with the WiFi as normal.

So this morning I put it back in the box on the pole in the yard.  And later in the afternoon I put the cover on the box.

I’ve been logged in remotely over the network and it seems to be working just fine.  The weather readings are coming in and everything.

I did add a static route to my house dual-internet device so that the FTP upload always goes one way.  I’ve had problems with my internet account where it doesn’t like me connecting via one ISP and then trying to carry on the conversation over the other ISP.  It doesn’t like the quick change-o.  So I have pinned the FTP to the weather data site to use only one of my ISPs.

I’m going to watch the system journal for awhile and see if it behaves.  Before I worked on it, it would run for awhile and then disappear from the network.  But maybe that was all the crusty USB connection killing the WiFi.  Who knows.

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Jun 10, 2018
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