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Wednesday Hill Run

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[Last Wednesday: 3; Monday AM: 3.5; yesterday 3]

Sorry I have been delinquent on my blogging.  I am supposed to put up some sort  of posting for every time that I run.  I’m a bit behind.

Last Wednesday and last night I went into Columbus and ran with a small group on the Wednesday Evening Hill Run organized by Claudette.

We start at the Riverwalk parking lot near  1st and College.  We go up the hill, heading south, on 1st St to 8th Ave then go over to 2nd Street and back up to College.  Then we go up again to 7th Ave and around;  then  6th Ave, 5th Ave;  (skip 4th Ave because it doesn’t go through) up the short steep hill on 3rd Ave and done.

I have a map.  I’ve marked the uphills with -=yellow and the downhill with pink.5555555555  (the cat is walking on my keyboard again;  We have our son staying here and his kitten has taken a liking to me for some reason.  It is hard to type when the thing crawls up my leg with claws then jumps on the table and goes for the keyboard every time…. Oh, it’s gone to get a bite from the food dish..  I’ll get this finished quick)

Ok, so we end up going up the long hill four times and the shorter but steeper one once.  Last Wednesday I had to walk a little on long-hill #4.  But last night I did the whole thing without walking.  It helped a lot that the weather was cooler.

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Aug 3, 2017
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