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[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

We did a bit of eclipse watching during the event last week (was it last week?).  I set up a mirror in the driveway after putting a piece of copy paper over it with masking tape.  I poked about a 1/4″ hole in the paper.  Then I used some boards to stand the mirror up and point the reflection of the sun in through the garage, through the hall door to the hallway wall. The image of the sun was about 4″ across.  It was kind of a larger scale version of the pin-hole cereal box viewers.

I had done that before back in 2012.  I think it was a “transit” event of some sort at that time, maybe Mercury?  Here it is in my blog:  a Transit of Venus.

It worked pretty well.  I had to adjust the angle of the mirror frequently.  I could watch the motion of the reflection on the hallway wall.  It would get out of view in a few minutes.  We followed the event for awhile, saw it go through the maximum for our area and then start to clear up again.

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Aug 28, 2017
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