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D66D on Comoro Island

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[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

There is a “dx-pediation”  taking place on Comoro Island.  A dx-pedition is a group of ham radio guys who go in an expedition to a far-away place and set up ham radio stations and talk to the rest of the world.  Talking to far-away places is called “dx”  which is shorthand for “distance”.

Some hams like to collect at least one confirmed contact with each country and political entity in the world.  A lot of these are small islands all alone in far away locations.

Comoros is located between Africa and Madegascar.  It is an independent nation made up of several small islands.

I was able to hear the dx-pedition on the air a bit yesterday.  Their callsign is D66D.  There was a big pile-up of people trying to get through to them.  I was not able to do so.

Because of where they are, my signals have to go to the northeast, over parts of Europe and across a lot of Africa to reach them.  And they only really are reachable for a couple of hours during the day, around 1800 GMT.

I’m going to keep trying, see if maybe the pile-up of people thins out over the next few days.


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Sep 26, 2016
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