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[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

Yesterday we rose early and drove down to the hamfest in Jackson, MS.

We didn’t make it last year, but we were there a number of times previous.  I got a swap-meet table and we laid out some stuff to sell.

We were successful in selling some of it, and we enjoyed looking around and talking to people.

A lady across the aisle had a pile of older stuff, some of it was “parts” of various kinds.  She got rid of most of it before the end of the sale.  I bought a couple of old HP frequency counters.  I don’t really need them, but I thought I should buy something.  Now I’m thinking I probably should have told her to put them on E-bay.  I know she would have gotten more money.

Maybe I’ll give them to the ham radio club here in town.  That will assuage my guilt for not paying much.

My wife also got a deal on an antique table-top AM/FM radio.  I think it is one of her better acquisitions!

I’m sort of regretting that I didn’t buy a Ten-Tec Triton HF/CW radio that one guy had there.  And I missed a good deal on an HP bench top multi-meter and a Tektronix scope.  And one guy had an Orban broadcast audio processor marked at $200.  If that had been $100 I would have bought it.

And all of those people should have bought all of my stuff.  It’s a _swap_ meet, see?  You take my junk, I take yours.  Oh well, I’m still trying to get these people trained.


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Jan 31, 2016
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