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[Saturday: 4.5 miles]

We broke a weeks long dry spell yesterday with two inches of strong rain in the afternoon during tailgate for the Mississippi State vs. Southern Mississippi football game.  By the time I had parked and walked to the stadium it was down to a sprinkle.  I felt a few drops during the first quarter, but after that it was cool and dry again.

MSU was a bit shaky at first but doing better than SMU nearly all the time.  I left at halftime when the score was 28-0 and eventually arrived at home during the early part of the fourth quarter when the radio was saying 40-something to zero.  I don’t know what the final score was.  This morning’s newspaper will have it I’m sure.

We worked on the rear brakes of the ’95 Ranger yesterday before the rain started.  We got all of the old line out and most of the new parts in.  I need to go and get a shorter piece this morning because I over estimated the length.  Either that or I need to borrow the tools to cut and flair the piece I have.  The angle grinder came in real handy when I  worked on the line junction at a mount point on the rear frame.  I just cut off the rubber line and ground out the rest of that fitting.  The other side then popped right off when I tapped it with a ball-peen hammer.  I’ve decided that any work on a rusty truck is best tackled by an angle grinder, mostly.

This morning before church I hope to work a bit more on it.  I’ll have to check to see when the auto parts store opens.  And I need to check the rain gauge this morning.


I got the brake lines figured out before church without having to resort to a trip to the parts store.  I decided an old truck could stand to tote around an extra foot of brake line so I made a loop of the excess and tied it in with some cable ties.

After church we bled the brakes and it went for a test drive.  Turned out that some of my joints weren’t quirt right.  But we got it all straightened out, bled the brakes again and now the job is done.

Somewhere along in there I read the rain gauge: 1.82 inches


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Aug 31, 2014
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