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New Printer

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[Today’s run: big fat zero]

This morning I got up very early and drove over to western Mississippi, about 150 miles, to pick up a color laser printer that I bought from an on-line auction for 25 bucks.

My big HP laserjet has been streaking a lot recently.  It is black and white, fast, big, and has a duplexer attachment.  To solve the streaking problem would probably require at least a new toner cartridge and I’m not interested in spending $150 on it.

So I went to the site and found two printers within my radius of operation.  I bid on both.  This one I just picked up cost me $25, half a day of vacation and 3/4 of a tank of gas.  It’s normally a $1200 printer.  I’m hoping it will work and will have some remaining capacity in the 4 (!) toner cartridges.

I would plug it in and test it out… but… our power is still out from the string of tornados and thunderstorms that went through yesterday evening.  We’ve been living with flashlights, candles and the UPS beeping.  (The rooster woke me up very nicely at 4:30 this AM… one benefit of quiet country living.)

Fortunately, the weather has been moderate so the house is not sweltering.  But I also haven’t accomplished anything of importance, except to go get the new printer.  Our phone and internet are down, so we are now sitting in the local Wendy’s with the laptop and cell phone plugged in to recharge.

When the power comes back on I will wrestle it out of the car, into the house, and try it out.

Oh!  I also won the other printer, a new-in-box HP black & white laserjet.  It is over in Birmingham, AL and I am taking Friday afternoon off to drive over and pick that one up.  Between the two I should have at least one working printer.

UPDATE:  Power was back on by the time we got home.  The printer works!  and the toners are at 50+% capacity, so 5000 more pages.  And it is raining again.

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Apr 29, 2014
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