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[Today’s run: zilch again]

It is probably dangerous to talk about religion on a blog. But after all this is Sunday and I went to church and church is supposed to engender thoughts about God and theology and stuff.

So, I was contemplating comparative religions a bit this morning, thinking that the one I came to was the best one of course. (if I didn’t think that then I guess I should be out looking for a better one!)

I have thought before, and still do think that certain flavors of Christianity have a flavor of apprehendability that is unique. Here is what I mean: most systems of philosophy seem to have the usual pyramid shape. The great masses of ignorant people at the bottom and the select few at the top. The top guys have the “true” knowledge and are the only ones likely to enjoy whatever benefits may come from the whole system. They are smarter. They work harder. They have more resources with which to make their way within the system. The people at the bottom are doomed, basically. They don’t even know that there is a “system” to be “in”. They are the baby seals.

But, frankly, I don’t want a religion that is like business and university and political party and sports and every other human endeavor where the “best” are few and the “least” are many and will of course be left to eat dust. And the real impressive religions are so exclusive that only the high priest or the canonized or the nirvana-tasters will ever get near to the end goal. That stinks.

Jesus said, “Come unto me.” to the weary and heavy-laden. And he said permit the children to come to him (because that is how his believers must be). And also he implied that it was hard for the wealthy and smart to get it right. That is comforting. (it is to me, maybe not to the wealthy and smart!)

I guess a Calvinist could say that both the top-dog and the bottom-dog have to receive grace to make it. What counts as grace (hearing the gospel, being given a light of understanding, being compelled to respond, ??); I’m not qualified to draw that line.

I just like the idea that if there is a Big Love out there it applies first to children and those with Down’s Syndrome and lost puppies and the others who really aren’t in the regular rat race.

If there is any way that I’m going to get into the big God Concert At The End Of Time it will be in the cheap seats or not at all. I’ll be with the dummies, the handicapped, the lazy, the children, and whoever else “doesn’t get it”. I’m sure not going to be at the peak of the pyramid. That isn’t going to happen.

Mar 20, 2011
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