She Was Adorable!!! Our House Closing

This morning, Friday July 26, was our house closing.  We had our meeting with the banker and lawyer and all the other assorted people this morning at 9:00am.  MFH (My Favorite Husband) had taken a few hours off this morning from his new job and planned to head into the office immediately following the closing.  We figured we’d have a nice leisurely breakfast and not be rushed for time. We’d arrive at the closing relaxed and prepared to sign our name about a zillion times and then leave to do the rest of our day.

Most of the day went exactly like that.  The only thing that was different was Tess decided to climb the stairs to the first landing.

Tess is very proud that she has learned to climb the stairs!  She thinks she’s a pretty special puppy because those stair are big and steep.  Bear in mind she’s never made it past the first landing but we won’t mention that part of it to her.

Even though she’s climbing those stairs like the amazing puppy she is, getting back down is another story.  It takes tons of puppy treats, coaxing, puppy hugs, lots of praise and TIME to get her back down the stairs. Time is exactly what we didn’t have because she climbed the stairs when it was almost time to leave.

We finally had to resort to the leash with MFH in the lead gently tugging and me behind, pushing.  This is the same technique we use to get her out of the car when we go to the vet.

Long story short, we got the dog down the stairs, closed the doors leading to the stairs and drove to the closing.

Our closing was being held at the bank.  Seeing as we were running a little behind schedule, we arrived exactly at 9:00am.

MFH and I were approaching the door when an elderly woman and a younger woman helping her along, were getting to the door at about the same time.  We stopped while MFH held the door open for the two women.  The younger of the two said, “Go on ahead.  You don’t need to wait on us.”  MFH said, “You’re here!  Let me hold the door for you!”  So the two women walked into the bank.

Now, the older of the two women was hilarious!  Feisty!  Sassy!!!  I loved her immediately even though I didn’t know her.  She had an amazing sense of humor and was saying little zingers as they were walking into the bank.  She. Was. Awesome!

Upon entering the bank, our banker and lawyer met us AND the other two women!  Oh~this was interesting!!!

Come to find out, that older woman?  The feisty one?  She was the owner of the house we were purchasing!  How awesome is that!?!

That lady and I connected.  It was like an instant #GirlCrush.  We “got” each other.  Holy Cow she was great!!!

Now, this woman is 97 years old.  Isn’t that amazing!?!  She just moved out of the house about a year ago.  She’s sharp as a tack upstairs but her body is starting to rebel against upstairs for bedrooms and showers.  Downstairs for living space and the basement for laundry.  I don’t think she went up to the attic often. It’s just recently she moved into an assisted living facility.

She told us stories about the legend of the buried money in the house *false story~sad panda!* She told us about the cistern under the driveway.  She told us about the pump that is still in the basement that had been used to pump water from the cistern to do the hot water heat in the winter! The fireplace is wood-burning (we’d wondered about that).  She mentioned how the kitchen wasn’t original to the house but had been added on shortly after the house was build in 1886 (yes, the house is that old).

She told how she would hang up the laundry in the back yard to dry.  She loved all her trees.  The apple tree was 5 years old and had been a gift from one of her kids.  She has pets buried in the yard AND,

She’s madly in love with Tess!!!

Apparently, when they presented our offer to her, they told her about Tess and how awesome she is and how BIG she is!

Immediately after all the paper work was done, she asked to see a pic of Tess.  I showed her one and she simply melted in happiness!!!  She’s a dog person if I’ve ever seen one.  I know she and Tess would hit it off great!

I told her how much we loved the house and told her a few stories and it made her so happy.  She loves this house much more than I do right now.  I can only hope to love it as much as she does.

How I wish I could have gotten a selfie with her but her daughter (the other woman) has kinda grouchy?  I mean, she was nice and everything but not nearly as awesome as her mom.  So, I chickened out and didn’t ask for a pic.  Just trust me, she’s adorable!!!

Now, just a few pics of the house and yard if you happened to miss them when I posted them online.

This is the front of the house.

This room is where we’ll be displaying a lot of our antiques.  I have an extensive antique radio collection and they fit nicely in here along with the grandfather clock.

Master bedroom

Living room bay window.  I told myself this room wasn’t that large?  Currently is has my large antique buffet, two full size 1840’s sofa’s, and antique Edison Victrola and and few other furniture pieces along with a zillion boxes in it and there’s plenty of wiggle room!

Side view of the house.

Tess’ arch nemesis stairwell landing.  *goofy dog*

More of the room with the fireplace.

I’m like a kid in a candy shop with this house and I can’t believe it’s ours!!!  Now that the paper work is signed, I can start putting things up on the walls.  This is awesome!!!  One of these days I’ll be able to show you pics of this place all put together.  Isn’t this exciting!?!




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  1. Kate R

    Love the house – can’t wait to see the antique radios – but I did see you found a spot for the grandfather clock! I also love the backyard! Such a natural element to it!

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