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One seriously cool motorcycle

[Today’s Run: Limerock Road 4.0 miles]

For awhile I was a motorcycle rider.  This is my final and best motorcycle.  It was a BMW K-75.  I bought it from a guy in Denver and it had about 70,000 miles on it if I remember correctly.  That is a lot of seat-time on a motorcycle of this size.   And the guy had done this “custom” paint job and a few other little things.

K-75 has a 750-cc triple inline engine, shaft drive, single-sided swing arm, dual disk front brakes. This one had the hard bags and faring.  It runs smooth, like riding on a sewing machine.  It also is quiet compared to the HD-style machines.

I had it for a couple of years (circa 1999-2000) then got out of the motorcycle thing; sold it to another guy in Fort Collins.

My longest day on it was a drive from Estes Park, south to I-70, west and north over Berthoud Pass, north through Winter Park/Fraser, Granby to Walden, through the Poudre Canyon to Stove Prairie Road, back south to Big Thompson Canyon and west to Estes Park.  It ran smooth all the way.

I ran across these pictures while defragging my computer disk.

Motorcycle riding is a solitary activity.  Kind of like running in that regard.  You have your own little shell: helmet, leathers, boots, gloves.

On the other hand you are more in touch with the landscape, the bumps in the road, and especially the smells along the way.  You go under the shade of a tree and you feel the cool air just for an instant.

It is totally different from driving in a car.