Mississippi outdoors work

Morning light

[Today’s run: 5 miles in downtown Loveland and on the Big Thompson river trail.]

I was noticing again the difference between the light in Colorado and Mississippi this week while running in Colorado. There was an adobe-red building and above it a patch of electric blue sky enhanced by some blazingly white clouds. That’s pretty typical in Colorado.

In Mississippi on the other hand the dawn and dusk light has a warm color to it, it makes things look copper or golden.

Here is a picture from a couple of weeks ago, the Saturday morning run as I passed through the Mississippi State U campus.

One of the success goals of the group of John Deere engineers I was working with until recently is establishing new intellectual property.

While in that group I was included on a patent application which is now “published” and marked as “patent pending”.

A different guy did most of the thinking and I did most of the development of a proof-of-concept example.

You can read about it on

I can add this to my short list of published papers in Physics Review.

It is kind of a hoot to be hanging around in these situations, basically just doing the job and taking the money, and then get this sort of recognition.