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Blood drive, treadmill

[3 miles on treadmill yesterday]

I’m back to my Mississippi blood drive pattern.

I was back at the Brooksville Mennonite school on Monday evening to give my pint. I try to do that three times a year. I was down there in August and they had new people running the operation. They were friendly and organized, but they didn’t have the cinnamon rolls the old organizers always had.

Well, Monday cinnamon rolls were back and the one I had was delicious. They gave me a glass of cold milk to wash it down. They also offered chili with cheese and crackers. But I had already had a good dinner so I passed on that.

The blood professionals come down from Tupelo and set up their operation in the school gym. It is well run operation.

I figure I’ve probably given about 6 gallons of blood in my lifetime. I didn’t start doing it until around 2000. My employer in Colorado had the blood mobile come in three times a year and encouraged us to donate. After I moved here I got hooked up with the local operatives. While we were in Iowa I worked with a different bunch out of a storefront in Dubuque.

But, one downside is that it zaps my running for a couple of weeks.

So Tuesday I was on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, a mix of trotting and walking, to get 3 miles.

Our weather seems to have changed to the usual early-December monsoon. The sky is cloudy, it sprinkles frequently and we’ve thunderstorms and one small tornado outbreak. The weather combined with early darkness makes me glad to have the treadmill option.

Today I’ve been a bit light headed when I stand up. Nothing serious. I’m drinking lots of water and I’ll be back to normal in 10 days or so.

For projects, up until recently I had been working on a daily programming puzzle called Advent of Code. Every day they have a puzzle and then a follow-on puzzle, two each day. I did well through part one of day 11 and then I got stuck.

And it is not that the puzzle is really hard. In this case they decided to play “guess what we want” with the puzzle specifications which made it a lot of not much fun. They gave a pattern of the output they are looking for, but they don’t give any substantial clues to how they arrived at the output. So I spent most of my Sunday free time on that, and a lot of my free time on Monday. I eventually got tired of trying to read their mind. That is not what I signed up for.

I’ve gone back to it a couple of times, when I got some other idea to try. But I’m still stuck. I could continue on with the other days but now I am three days behind and I don’t really care very much.

A similar thing happened to me with Wordle. I did that for over 200 days, then they did a puzzle word which was a complete statistical chance whether you could solve it or not with the limited number of guesses. There were probably 5 words that fit the pattern and I ran out of tries before I hit it… Which seemed to me to be a bit of a cheating move on their part. Ok, so I’m a bad guesser. Done with Wordle.

And I’m probably done with Advent of Code. We will see.

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I do the LA Times crossword in our newspaper most days and the sudoku puzzle. Prior to the Gannett people taking over, the puzzle sudoku started easy on Monday and got progressively more difficult. Saturday was always a brain-stretcher. I really enjoyed the little challenge.

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