Iowa Mississippi travel work

Slowly checking all the boxes

[Today’s run: 3.2 miles; Friday 12/31: 3.2 miles; Saturday 12/25: 2.7 miles]

Christmas found us in Loveland, Colorado visiting with our new Grandson and his supporting cast. We had a great time. I actually was the chief babysitter for about half a day, including the whole gamut of diaper changing and feeding and napping. I am glad to report that he survived!

On Tuesday 12/28 we flew back from Colorado to Chicago and picked up the car. We had used a Park, Sleep & Fly program at the Hyatt in Rosemont and that gave us overnight prior to the trip and free parking for up to 10 days. That worked out very well.

Then we drove back to Dubuque in an increasing snow storm. There were some interesting spots but we made it. We collected the pets from boarding and I started loading up the last items into the van. That night we stayed in a motel in Dubuque. The next day I finished the van packing and swept the garage. A towing company hauled off the MGB project; they said it would appear in their next auction (normally the place to find abandoned cars). The accumulation of snow was just the last straw to bend the decision toward dumping the project car. I cancelled the u-haul hauling trailer.

Our little convoy of car and van left Dubuque before noon on Wednesday. We drove until about 4:30pm, making it to the northeastern outskirts of St. Louis on the IL side.

After a good night’s sleep we continued our journey and arrived in Columbus, again around 4 pm.

Since Thursday pm we have been living in a hotel room in Columbus, the two of us and the two pets. It is working out OK but kind of crowded. We had heard that the house folks would be out by the end of the day Friday, but then on Friday heard contrary information that it would be Sunday. Today is Sunday and as far as we can tell they still have stuff on site. Our property management person says she will be working on the official eviction process Monday morning.

We received word from Dubuque that the house there is attracting good buyer attention and expect it to be wrapped up quickly.

Tomorrow I will unpack my work stuff here in the hotel and try to put in a full day for the office if possible. I officially have the day off. But I think having a few hours in the bank for use later, maybe even yet this week, is a good idea.