Iowa outdoors


[today’s run: 3.6 miles]

Number one son [NOS] has been working his new job for about a month now and starting to see some of the money come in.

He had left his fishing gear in the storage unit in Mississippi, so we have gone to various sources and accumulated some new equipment. And he and I both bought our 2021 fishing licenses.

So this evening we went into town and found a nice spot on the Mississippi River and did some fishing. I was casting in various lures and things I have in my box… really no idea what I’m doing. He seemed more purposeful. But neither of us caught anything.

We plan to go to a different place tomorrow where current is not so strong.

When I as a kid I went river fishing once with my Grandpa. He made something he called “stink bait” and “dough ball” and we put that on hooks and tossed it in to the Des Moines River south of Adelphi, IA somewhere. I don’t remember if we caught anything.

We’re not using any of that kind of gear. Maybe we should!