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Strange Furniture

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This piece of furniture was in the elevator lobby (one on each floor) at the hotel where we stayed over the weekend in West Des Moines, prior to and during the Booneville Backroad Ultra.

Those thick upper parts have no drawers or doors that I could find. So the top section is basically a useless hollow box.

I guess it is possible there are drawers on the side pushed up against the wall.

When I was an architecture student they taught us that “form follows function”. I’m not sure how to apply that to this piece.

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Me too – not a fan – hate fake dormers and fake shutters (especially if not same size of the windows). I recall fake dormer over an open patio space at one place friends owned years ago – this was a higher end custom home and it looked silly. If someone was up there in the dormer their lower body would be below the patio ceiling. Similar to the post mentioned above. I found the place in an MLS ad and provided links below to illustrate.

Plus the 1st above pic has gas fire(!) pit under said patio ceiling. (More dollars than sense.) There’s a lot of wasted space inside – ridiculously high ceilings. But that is off topic…

LOL – fire pit…truly makes you think the workers must be shaking their heads and saying “whatever” when they see those plans.

Oh it wasn’t there as built when my friends owned it – it’s probably one of those you buy at Costco or the like. I’m 99% sure it is a fire code violation. Another thing about the house – my friends were original owners and it was inspected before they moved in. A few months later the water lines in the kitchen wall sprung a leak while they were away. Big mess. The way they slap houses together the focus is on the finishings – what people see. Granite this and stainless steel that – but under the skin all the same. OSB and drywall screws put together as fast as possible. They later bought a different house, again new, that had serious drainage issues with moisture collecting in a crawl space.

That’s a sad thing. I think there was a time when “builders grade” meant something better than it does today.

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