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Heritage Trail

[today’s run: 7.3 miles]

For our Saturday run this week we drove out to Dyersville and ran the Heritage Trail back toward the east. We turned around at the alpaca farm just west of Farley.

We say RR mile markers that said C199, C198 which we understood to mean 199 miles to Chicago.

I don’t know which railroad this was. There is still a track to the south of the trail at that point, between the trail and Hwy 20.

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Iowa had more rail lines per square mile than anywhere, pretty much, owing to horse and wagon tech in the 1870s and Chicago to Omaha transcontinental route. Almost all of it redundant after improvements roads and deregulation of trucking (and rail) 40 years ago. The abandoned line is the old Chicago Great Western that, as well as going to Omaha, served Des Moines on the route through Bondurant. The other, functioning, line is the Illinois Central, that parallels highway 20.

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