A whole week

[Wednesday: 4 miles; Saturday: 6 miles]

Nearly a whole week has gone by without a blog post. I am really slipping.

Last week was my 2nd week at the new job and I had more training and some success on my efforts with MS Visual Studio Code. My aim was to get some user interface buttons in place in our sample application and by the end of the day Friday that was done.

We had a consequential week in the pets department. Our big mastif dog has been creaky and slow-moving for awhile. I was impressed that she handled the house moving process fairly well. And she had been able to conquer the stairway recently.

But I received a phone call from home on Wednesday that I needed to come home early and take the dog to the vet. She has been having some trouble keeping her food down and it was a big issue. Off we went to the vet where we had blood work (normal) and various proddings of the tummy. The vet didn’t see anything specifically wrong and the dog was actually pretty chipper, enjoying the attention. So she sent us home with some bland-diet dog food and some anti-nausea medication. She said if things progressed the next step would be an x-ray (if the machine would work on a tummy that large) or an ultrasound.

On Thursday the dog was listless again and refused to eat all day. Toward the end of the day she took a few bites of some leftover hamburger from the fridge.

Friday the dog went back to the vet in the morning for an all-day visit to do the x-ray and/or ultrasound. But before long the bad news came: her insides were a mess due to cancer. So Thursday evening we went back in to the vet to say our good-byes and pay the bill.

It has been an interesting week, new things coming at us every day.

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