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Posted by w0ep on July 29, 2019 at 9:22 pm

[Wednesday: 4 miles; Saturday: 6 miles; today: 3 miles]

Dubuque seems to be a good running/walking community. When we drive around we see people out on the sidewalks and in the streets running and jogging and walking.

We’ve been able to get rid of nearly all of our emptied moving boxes by listing them available for free on the Facebook marketplace.

Having left our lawn mowers in MS for use there, we arrived without any such equipment. I picked up an electric mower in the hope that it would be a bit lighter and easier to push around. But with 100′ of high amperage power cord that was not the case (and it didn’t reach everywhere it needed to). So I’ve added a used Lawn Boy to the stable. Now I have two lawn mowers! I’ll have to get that electric one sold off to someone else before long.

Our DSL internet came together on Friday. The phone wiring in the house was complicated and it took me a while to find a wall jack that actually had a signal on it. But once I did that the DSL modem synced right up. Since then I have rearranged things a bit and I have hard-wired some ethernet ports to my little office space. The rest of the house is covered by the WiFi signal.

At work I’ve been learning about MS Visual Studio Code, an editor and development environment on Windows. Also looking at the OpenGL graphics library and some related things. I have a series of training meetings scheduled for this week to cover a range of tools and technologies that I may run into on the new job. I am just getting packed with new stuff every day. It is challenging and interesting.

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