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Posted by w0ep on July 2, 2019 at 8:05 pm

[Saturday: 6 miles in Starkville; Monday 3.4 near home]

After getting back home from Dubuque last week we dove right in to the tasks at hand to get us moved out of here shortly after the 15th of July.

On Saturday I moved the autonomous weather station from its place on a pole in the back yard to the gable end of the radio shed. It is still solar powered and uses wifi, so no wires into the building. It is probably about 3 feet higher than it was at the other spot.

Later a couple of ham radio friends came by and we took my tri-band beam down from the tower.

All my ham radio antennas are down and either stowed or given away.

I also worked on removing cables and wires from the overhead poles between the house and the radio shed. The goal is to have the radio shed be completely disconnected from the house so that we can rent the house out and keep running the radio station remotely for a little while.

On Monday ham friend was back with a trailer and we loaded up all of the tower sections I had stacked in the back yard. No space for a tower at the new house. It all went to the ham radio club.

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