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Posted by w0ep on June 8, 2019 at 7:58 am

[Monday: 3.4; Wednesday: hills 3 miles; Today: 6 miles in Starkville]

Sunday I was on the Mississippi Gulf coast with my son and son-in-law. We started the day with breakfast at IHOP. Then we walked the beach a little bit. After noon we went fishing on a charter boat in Biloxi Bay. It was a nice day to be out. The fishing was a bit off because of all of the fresh water coming into the gulf. The skipper told us that the selenium level reading was very low. But we did catch quite a few sizeable catfish. He said they weren’t good for eating. So we threw them all back. We drove home Sunday evening.

Monday I had a telephone interview with another group at Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids. I received a “no thanks” email from them later in the week. I applied at a couple more places during the course of the week.

Tuesday I ended up taking most of the day off. I had won an auction item in Tuscaloosa. I rented a trailer locally to go pick it up. I planned to pick up the trailer at 7 AM, drive over, pick it up, drive back, and be at my desk by 10 AM. But we ran into some trouble with my old truck. First the hitch ball wasn’t the right size so I went into town and got the right one. Then my tail lights weren’t all working, so I went back into town and got new bulbs and installed them. Finally they were satisfied and let me have the trailer. I was able to get over to do the pick-up, but the place was closed for lunch. When they returned I wrestled with a method for strapping the item on to the trailer. I made a stop at Lowes and bought more ratchet straps. I finally did get the thing home. It is a sound-proof audiology booth. I hope to make use of it for doing radio station recordings. By the time I got it all done it was 4 pm.

Wednesday I ran the hills in Columbus in the evening.Thursday was the 4-County Electric annual meeting. We went in time to partake of the free catfish lunch. And we sat in on most of the annual meeting. We had an appointment in Starkville and had to leave the meeting before the big drawings at the end. I passed my ticket to a young man on the way out.

Friday was just a normal day.

Today I’ve been to Starkville for the weekly run. I’m doing my blog, and I need to change out of these running clothes and take a shower.

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