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Posted by w0ep on May 23, 2019 at 8:27 pm

[Sunday: 4 miles; Monday: 3.5 miles; Wednesday: 3 miles (track)

We went back to the old Columbus High track last night and I ran the same workout at last week: 4 laps warm up; 3×200; 3×100; 4 laps cool down. I call the whole thing 3 miles (includes some walking between the sprints).

This time there were three young people there and we got to enjoy their company.

If I had been by myself I would have just nodded or said hi. My wife is that kind of person who wants to meet everybody. So she did that and we got to enjoy their company. They were there to exercise also. And they joined me for some of my sprints.

My best 100 this time was 20 seconds. (the actual course measurement is somewhat nebulous) She has some video of me and young lady running it. I look pretty slow in the video; I need to get my stride longer.

I’m still scouring the various employment websites and participating in a few telephone interviews.

My cell phone presented me with an article from the NPR, a report about how Ames, IA has very low unemployment and jobs are going unfilled due to lack of candidates. I found that amusingly ironic given that I’ve interviewed and been passed over for two different positions in Ames.

But I’m going to take it as encouragement to continue looking. I like Ames and wouldn’t mind living there again.

I had a short telephone interview with a place in Dover, DE (out on the east coast) doing something similar to what I do now. It was a bit unusual, maybe even refreshing, in directness. He wanted something else.

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  • On May 24, 2019 at 8:06 am Jonathan Howard said

    I listen to NPR regularly and heard the Ames item. I was left thinking it was service jobs that were hard to fill – which is odd given it’s a college town with more kids than usual looking for that kind of work (except for summer). But BLS confirms it’s the overall rate.


    I like the idea of ultimately retiring in a college town – more cultural things to do on the cheap. And educated people bring with them fewer social problems.

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