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Posted by w0ep on April 10, 2019 at 8:22 pm

[Monday: 4.2 miles in Pleasant Hill; today: 3.4 miles]

I drove to Iowa on Saturday/Sunday.

Monday I worked from the laptop in the morning. Then I drove to Ames for an interview followed by a stop at Hickory Park for a small ice cream sundae. By surviving that I also earned a couple of Tasty Tacos for dinner.

I arose early on Tuesday and drove to Cedar Rapids before the start of my normal working hours and found a coffee shop to operate from. I worked from there for 4 hours then got some lunch and drove around until my interview at 2:30.

So I had two interviews in two days.

I thought things went OK. As usual, I thought of things later which I should have said, or not said. I’m starting to think I should write down a list of things that I make sure either to mention or to avoid. I definitely don’t do this well on the fly.

Last night I had a nice dinner with a friend in Cedar Rapids then stayed over at his place. I woke up early and hit the road for the return trip, arriving home around 6 pm after a long day driving.

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