On the road again

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Posted by w0ep on April 6, 2019 at 8:18 pm

[Today’s run: 4.75 miles. Some walking]My run this morning was a struggle. I gave blood on Thursday which really zapped my endurance. It may take a week to get it back. I could have done a better job of hydrating beforehand before the blood drive.

Anyway, I am on the road again. Wife and World’s Biggest Dog are on the home front. I go to Ames on Monday and back to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday. Then I will drive back home on Wednesday unless they want me to do a round 2 or something.

This all came together just in the last couple of days. I shopped for a plane ticket, but decided that renting a car and driving would be the cheaper way to go.

Getting the car was somewhat of an adventure. The place was very busy and they were down to full-size pickups and mini-vans. I had made an online reservation for a compact. So I got a mini-van. And they gave me a break on the price, even better than what the compact was going to cost.

I got the car around 1 pm, then we ate lunch, then I packed and hit the road a bit after three. I’m in Dyersville, TN tonight, about 200 miles into the journey. I have 500+ to do tomorrow. If I wake up early I will just push off and get it done.

Having eaten a large lunch, I wanted just a bite for dinner tonight. So I went to the Cracker Barrel and had a blackberry cobbler with ice cream on it. Yum.

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