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Posted by w0ep on February 24, 2019 at 8:49 pm

[Today’s run: 5 miles]

We have had an interesting few days. Yesterday was capped off with a tornado tracking north of us which did some damage in town. And the recent rains have caused flooding on the Tombigbee. So poor Columbus got whacked hard with weather issues this last week.

Today we drove around after church to look at some of the tornado damage and flood waters. Then we came home and I worked on the radio station programming for the upcoming week.

Then I started making a list of unfinished projects, especially house projects. It may be that we will be moving in a month or 6 weeks… time to get some of these half-done items checked off.

First up was to button up the phone jack in our master bedroom. I had done some work long ago on integrating both of our phone lines on the shared wiring. I ran into a problem and I was convinced there was a nail through the line somewhere. Today I figured I would track that down and get it fixed. So I worked on it… and it all seemed fine. I’m not sure what that means but I’m happy I don’t have a short. I buttoned everything up and put labels on the jacks in those rooms that have both lines wired. I also put a little 3×5 card wiring explanation in the equipment room. Check that one off! It is possible, unlikely but possible, that the warmer weather might might bring the short back. I may not be here so I’ll worry about that one if/when it comes up.

Later I worked for awhile on the HP 3586C which came to me in pieces. A fellow ham north of here had been working on converting the power supply to a different design. I’m not sure why he wanted to do that. I tracked down two broken parts a few weeks ago and those arrived recently. So I now have the original design restored (I think). I have not yet gotten it all back together yet for a smoke test.

Then I decided to take a break and I’ve been watching some fun Youtube videos.

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