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Posted by w0ep on December 26, 2018 at 7:15 pm

[Today’s run: 3.4 miles]

I frequently look at the daily front page. They have multiple sections of interesting items that change each day.

Today one of the items was a link to the wikipedia biographical page for Mary Jane Odell who was a pioneer woman in broadcasting in Iowa and eventually became the Iowa Secretary of State.

When I was a child I remember that my mother got her hair done at a beauty shop called “Sal’s” or maybe the guy’s name was Sal. And one day we watched Mom modelling a new hair style on TV during the mid-day show hosted by Mary Jane Chin. Later Mary Jane Chin became Mary Jane Odell.

So it was interesting to read in that wikipedia page that Chin/Odell worked at KRNT-TV from 1955 to 1967 when she married Mr. Odell and moved with him to Chicago. Evidently the hair-do TV thing happened before that.

A little Googling yields the information that Sal’s Beauty Salon was at 2000 Grand in a building called the Jefferson Polk mansion. And Sal Salgado is still in Des Moines. He has a page on Facebook.

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  • On December 28, 2018 at 6:09 am Sue said

    I remember seeing Mom on TV with the “in” style. It seemed her job was to model and not actually talk much, which makes sense if it was Sal’s segment. The hairdo was a bust for actual daily life since it was teased and sprayed to create a sort of helmet with a little flip at the bottom. She looked really pretty and smiled a lot.

    I can’t remember who was babysitting us that day, but suspect it was Grandma Howard.

    We should ask her about that day. Did she win a contest? Was she even thirty years old yet? It would be fun to know a bit more. I think she won her Jim Zabel cookbook from a radio contest, but I could be mis-remembering things.

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