Ham Radio Mississippi Operating

Scanner stuff and a turtle

[Today’s run: resting and working]

After last week’s tornadoes I thought I would like to know a little more about what is going on around here so I spent some time this morning trying to program in  more repeaters on my 2m/70cm VHF radio. I found a couple of good websites with amateur repeater frequencies for Mississippi and Alabama.

I guess a lot of the repeaters I should be able to hit from here have either changed their frequency or are off the air at the moment. So I didn’t get very far.

Then I decided to dig out one of the scanners that I have. In Colorado most of the police/fire traffic had gone to digital trunking and whatnot. I don’t have a scanner that will do that kind of thing. But around here a lot is still on regular analog VHF/UHF FM. And there is an airport and a US Air Force base nearby. Really quite a bit to listen to.

While doing my work today I had the scanner on and enjoyed finding some active simplex amateur frequencies and some of the aircraft traffic.

No picture of the scanner, sorry. But I do have a picture of a turtle crossing the road during my run about a week ago. There were actually two turtles that morning but I just took a picture of one of them.  You know, you can’t heard turtles, can’t chase ’em, can’t lead ’em.  You either have to leave them alone or pick them up and move them yourself.