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Posted by w0ep on January 30, 2018 at 3:58 pm

[Yesterday: 3.25 miles w/sprints]

I bought a pallet of retired laboratory stuff from surplus at University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  Yesterday I drove over early and picked it up.

The item that caught my eye in the auction listing is a Heathkit IP-2717 high voltage power supply.  It is just the thing a guy wants if he is going to be working with tube amplifiers.  I don’t do much of that, but it seemed like a good item to take to a hamfest for the swap.  (I actually already have an IP-17 which is basically the same but a different color.)

Also in the pile were two other power supplies which were used for lab work.  They produce a few hundred volts at 50-100 mA.  And there is a low voltage adjustable supply which will do 6 volts at 5 Amps.

The pile includes a couple of acid/base analyzer units, one of which uses a nixie tube display.  These things are built like tanks with aluminum and screws and fancy clamp-on knobs.  I think these units have been replaced by much smaller modern equipment, so I’m taking these apart for the components.

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